5 Best Reasoning Books for IBPS, SBI Exams

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Hi students and welcome back to bank exams rod come today I’m going to review best books for competitive exams like IBPS POS VAP o RB assistant and such exams so all.

The books I am going to review are available available on Amazon or flip card so also the links to all these books are available in that description so let’s start with the most popular and best seller book available in the market.

Hhis is a new approach to reasoning verbal nonverbal and an electrical so this is why Oregon publishes the quality of quotients is not that great you are not going to find these kind of.

Questions and SBA Pio or IB PSP you level exam although according to me this book for just for the puzzles there are just 45 pages for puzzles.

I mean few puzzles are puzzles are available few sitting arrangement sets are available which are most important part of this reasoning section a lot of nonverbal reasoning.

Which is not useful for banking examinations but analytical reasoning is here statement and argument statement and assumption these kind of questions are available it this is this one is a huge book 1200 we just booked.

But according to me you can actually buy this for SSC this this is a great book for this this book is actually great for SSC but for banking examinations.

I’m not going to recommend this because of low quality puzzles and sitting arrangement sets so out of 10 if I read it how did they give it like six and a half to seven it’s not that bad.

I mean a lot of quality questions are there but like I have gone through this book for like two to more than two weeks but I didn’t find it that much useful for banking examinations not not many good.

Questions are available the level of difficulty of this book is really easy I found this book really easy this is not a difficult book this one is a very very easy book so I don’t recommend.

This one don’t buy this and the second book that I have gone through is by RS Agarwal and that book is not available as of the moment at my office but even the reasoning book by RS Agarwal it is not that difficult.

I mean the level of difficulty of questions in the RS a girls book it is not add far with this be ap or IB be SPO level exams so personally I don’t recommend the book by RS Agarwal.

But if you have just started you don’t know anything about reasoning instead of RS Agarwal I recommend to the book by oriental write this book is little bit better than Rs a girl’s book but these books.

The questions in these books are not at par with IBPS v RS v apo exams so if you have just started then you can buy this but if you are doing practice at home or you are just going to appear for the exams.

Then just avoid these books right and the next book that I am going to review is by r Gupta write this is this one is by r Gupta I got this book for free and this.

One is a very small book reasoning verbal reasoning and the level of questions is really really bad actually very easy actually I have gone through this book you just check.

It I mean few puzzles are available and the level of difficulty of puzzles is really really easy so personally I don’t recommend this book out of 10 I would give it like two two and.

A half so personally I don’t recommend this book at all even if it is available at discount don’t buy this one so between Rs Agarwal and arre.

Hans book I prefer a revenge book right the next book I have gone through so if you are preparing for the reasoning ability section.

The model test papers available are your best friends right so wherever you.

Find a proper model test paper or any previous paper just downloaded from internet or just find it from any magazine or whatever source resource available to you and try to solve.

It this is the best solution available for reasoning section right and I have also gone through this book the 20 practice x by.

Aragon again the difficulty level of questions is not at par with IBPS p1s behavior nor the RBA system I have also gone through many other books that are not available as of the moment.

I have gone through the puzzles book by K Coleman and that one is a good book I mean the difficulty level is not at par with SVA view.

but it is at par with IBPS clerk and RB assistant so book by K kundan and MK panting these are two different books these are good by BSC publications.

But the book that I got there ever many many pages were missing in these books so if you are buying the books by BAC there might be some printing mistakes there might be many other mistakes right missing pages printing errors lot lot more issues so let’s move on to the book by our insurance.

The reasoning book by Orange ARMA is good personally I like I don’t recommend it because there are explanations are not available for all the questions so the reasoning book.

Buyer and sharma don’t follow it right I have gone through many other books books book by de Chartres publications Karen precautions these two are really bad books are not useful for at all for IB PSP or as a few exams.

So let me tell you what kind of starting material you should follow for reasonability section there are many good ebooks available on the internet right many other portals you can download them right for puzzles.

Banking’s and so they provide free reasoning puzzles ebook right this one is available for free.

I will provide the download link in the description you can download that for free many other good websites provide reasoning workbooks you can download from their respective websites right reasoning made easy version 2 is available on bank exam student outcomes the link is available in the description you can download it right so so today I have reviewed all.

Popular books available in the market so out of them the best one not many good books are available in the market the fact right for quantitative aptitude a lot of good books are available in the market but for the reasoning ability section not many good books are available in the market the out of these the best one I found is by Aaron Sharma and by Ariana.

These books are not that great but comparatively, these are good even by the MK panda unique Kundun k Kundan’s book for puzzles this one is good I personally found it really good I recommend.

It please buy the puzzles book by K Coonan and the reasoning book by MK Pandey these two books are good right instead of this re.

Hans book you can buy the books by BAC publications then cape and MK economies these are the good books illusion was booked I don’t recommend.

Right iris a girl’s book not recommended at all so the charr publications Karin percussions avoid them at any cost don’t buy them at all right so then that’s all for today if you have any kind of doubt you can make a comment.

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